Croesus maintain, since 1981, one of the most trusted names in jewelry. We run an in-house jewelry design workshop, experienced on custom made engagement rings, and fine jewelry. Each piece reflects the talent of our craftsmen, who bring to life your wishes. At Croesus are well qualified artisans will create a ring as unique as the relationship it celebrates.
To create your own engagement ring, you need to focus on just a few key elements.

The main gemstone is more often a diamond. As every stone is unique, choosing the diamond is important. Available from 0.30 carat and up our fine experts will guide you choose the perfect stone for you.
Thought it does not have to be only diamond. Something blue (sapphire)… green(emerald) or why not red(ruby)…

You can choose from a variety of settings to give a personal touch to your ring.

Setting gives live to your ring. Pair your favorite diamond shape with any setting in your choice 18k white, yellow or rose gold. Together we willdraw inspiration from your personal style and our incredible assortment of stones to design the perfect ring.

We can create and design a one-of-a-kind ring to your specifications, using state-of-the-art technology that brings your vision to life.

Engagement rings are the ultimate expression of love, which is why their design requires a personal touch at the final setting.

Every piece of jewellry tells a story
Yes we can……create it.

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Engraving your engagement ring with a short sentiment or a memorable date is an extra-special touch.